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‘Rogue Squadron’ Delayed, Old Republic Film Rumored for Impending Release



Filming for director Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars film Rogue Squadron has been postponed, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jenkins highlighted her father’s fighting pilot career as her inspiration while revealing her dream to make the “greatest fighter pilot movie ever made” in a video for Disney’s 2020 Investor Day Event.

The film was planned to begin production in 2022 with a 2023 release date in mind, but it was pushed back due to scheduling conflicts caused by Jenkins’ other obligations since the filmmaker is presently working on Wonder Woman 3 and Cleopatra for Paramount.

After a resounding fandom-wide disappointment, a new rumor seems to have lit the spark of hope once again for Star Wars fans.

According to BigScreenLeaks, a mysterious Star Wars film, unconnected to any of the previously announced projects, will begin filming in 2022.

The rumor was supported by several trustworthy sources, who hinted that the film will be set during the Old Republic era.

The Old Republic film will be released in December 2023, according to Star Wars News Net. According to the rumor, Rogue Squadron has already undergone a thorough rewrite, with a focus on nailing the story. As a result, Lucasfilm is considering delaying Rogue Squadron until 2024, allowing The Old Republic to take its place in the first slot.

Lucasfilm appears to have learned from its earlier mistakes and is now taking the time to ensure that everything is done correctly, which is critical.

The news of a secret Star Wars film filming next year came as a shock. Aside from Rogue Squadron, no further films have been announced for a release date in the near future. However, for those who have been following Star Wars rumors for several years, the news that the film will be set during the Old Republic makes a lot of sense.

At Star Wars Celebration 2019, Kathleen Kennedy hinted that Old Republic films could be considered for future productions, adding that Lucasfilm was considering all avenues of storytelling.

While this newest rumor hasn’t been confirmed by Lucasfilm quite yet, it seems that Disney+ Day on November 12 would be the perfect time to announce a new wave of Star Wars content to look forward to.

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