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Star Wars

‘Knights of the Old Republic’ Remake May Have Revamped Gameplay



Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite video game, will be getting a remake, according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier. The game is reportedly being remade by developer Aspyr Media. While there has been no official news yet by Lucasfilm, there is talk of what exactly this remake will be like. 

MrMattyPlays, a YouTuber that focuses on roleplaying games, discussed what could be in KOTOR‘s future as well as rumors about its development, including moving away from its classic RPG combat elements to more of an action RPG:

“…walking away from that real-time, turn-based combat and doing something more along the lines of action combat.”

Fans all over are speculating about what this remake could be like, however, we won’t know more until an official announcement. The Star Wars fan celebration on May the 4th is coming, as well as E3 in June, so there is a possibility we might get an official announcement then.

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