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Disney Hints That Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Theatrical Release May Be ‘Last Minute’ Call



Disney CEO Bob Chapek hinted Wednesday that Black Widow‘s theatrical release may be a “last minute” call, according to an interview on Bloomberg.

Marvel’s Black Widow is currently stated to open only in cinemas on May 7, however, the Disney executive hints that the film may release online at the same time it hits theaters. Although, Chapek said that the studio will “remain flexible” and is committed to Black Widow‘s theater-exclusive release.

“We’ll make the call … probably at the last minute, in terms of how these films come to market, whether it’s Black Widow or any other title. We’ve had unbelievable success in theaters, so we think it’s important to build our franchises — but at the same time, we don’t think it’s the only way to do it.”

Audiences are skeptical of an early digital release due to the strong possibility that the film would garner an extra $30 fee to unlock premier access on Disney+.

Black Widow hits theaters on May 7, tentatively.

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