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Luke Evans Shares Update on ‘Gaston and LeFou’ Series



The live-action adaptation of the animated classic of Beauty and the Beast soared passed audience’s expectations. The film grossed $1.263 billion worldwide to become one of Disney’s most successful films.

Beauty and the Beast offers a lot of romance, action, and comedy. The movie features the compassionate bookworm Belle (Emma Watson), the princely Beast (Dan Stevens), the arrogant huntsman Gaston (Luke Evans), and Gaston’s foolish henchman LeFou (Josh Gad).

Luke Evans recently discussed with Collider about how the Gaston and LeFou series is progressing. The interviewer asked Evans how things are coming along with the show and when production begins. Unfortunately, Evans was forced to stay tight-lipped.

“Yes, I do, but I’m sworn to secrecy. We are not allowed to talk about it, but it’s progressing very well. There have been some very exciting decisions made recently. Josh [Gad] and I speak on a regular basis. Disney is very excited about it. Everybody is excited about it. I think it’ll be a very entertaining journey through the past story of these characters, and also there will be many new characters that you’ve never met before, which is very exciting. It’s colored with incredible characters and creatures that we are very excited about bringing to life.”

Currently, there is no release date for Gaston and LeFou. The project is in its earliest stages of development and we probably won’t get anything concrete until filming begins in the near future.

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