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New Set Photos Reveal Christmas Setting for ‘Spider-Man 3’



The Christmas holidays have come and gone but not so for Tom Holland’s upcoming Spider-Man 3.

Photographer Atlanta Filming captured new set photos that reveal Spider-Man 3‘ was filmed in front of Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop in Brooklyn. Atlanta Filming comments that the crew was “tearing down the set for Spiderman.”

Christmas time is here… yet again. Set photos reveal a Christmas themed décor on set, indicating the timeframe Spider-Man 3 is to take place.

I don’t know which is worse: dastardly villains or the hustle and bustle of crazy Christmas shoppers.

Joseph Forbush, CEO and Editor-in-Chief for PlexReel, spends most of his time working at Walt Disney World. Additionally, he enjoys playing video games, watching basketball, reading, and dreaming amongst the stars on his homeworld of Batuu.

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